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How to distinguish medical oxygen from industrial oxygen?

September 6, 2022

How to distinguish medical oxygen from industrial oxygen?

Industrial oxygen is a gas used in industrial production and product processing. The quality of the gas is lower than that of medical oxygen, and it will contain carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, acetylene and other impurities harmful to the human body.

Medical oxygen refers to the oxygen used for medical treatment of patients. Adjuvant treatment for patients caused by hypoxia to help patients relieve hypoxia symptoms. Medical oxygen has strict physical and chemical index requirements in China, and it cannot bring any negative effects to patients.

It is difficult to distinguish between the two with the naked eye alone, but they can be distinguished according to the gas cylinder and batch number.


1. Check the batch number and shelf life

Medical oxygen must have the drug batch number approved by the health department. The format is XX Sanitary Drug Approval (XX) No. XXX, and there is no batch number for industrial oxygen. Only the health bureaus (departments) of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government have the right to approve the approval number of drugs. Moreover, medical oxygen has a shelf life, which is generally calculated as 12 months from the date of production. Oxygen should be strictly checked for the shelf life before use.

2. Check the moisture content

There are few impurities in medical oxygen, including very little moisture; it exists in a form that is not enough to liquid, and can only exist in the form of water vapor. Industrial oxygen will contain more moisture and can exist in liquid form, that is, free water.

3. Check the water pressure to detect steel marks

In order to ensure the safety of oxygen cylinders, the state requires medical oxygen cylinders to be tested for water pressure every three years; therefore, medical oxygen can be judged by water pressure test steel marks.

4. Observe the taste of the bottle and gas

Because industrial oxygen contains more impurities, it will cause rust on the inner wall of the cylinder. Over time, there may be a smell of rust in the industrial oxygen cylinder. On the contrary, the bottle of medical oxygen is not polluted, and the bottle is basically dry and rust-free after use.

We can turn on the switch of the oxygen cylinder slightly to see if the oxygen in the bottle has a clear odor. If you feel an obvious smell of rust when inhaling oxygen, it is definitely not medical oxygen.

However, this method is not effective when the industrial oxygen filled with new oxygen cylinders is not effective, so it is necessary to synthesize the other methods mentioned above.

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