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Diaphragm Nitrogen Generator Compressor 1-250bar For Laser Cutting

Diaphragm Nitrogen Generator Compressor 1-250bar For Laser Cutting

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    Diaphragm nitrogen generator compressor


    nitrogen generator compressor Laser Cutting


    nitrogen air compressor 250bar

  • Type
    Oil Free
  • Working Model
    24hours Continues
  • Cooling Way
    Air Cooling
  • RPM Range
  • Capacity Range
  • Inlet Pressure
  • Outlet Pressure
  • Compressed Grade
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    cape golden
  • Certification
    CE ISO
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
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    40 day
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Diaphragm Nitrogen Generator Compressor 1-250bar For Laser Cutting

Diaphragm Nitrogen Generator Compressor for Laser Cutting


Product Description

Nitrogen acts as a shielding gas in laser cutting. Medium-pressure nitrogen is mainly used to blow away oxygen, preventing metal cutting and surrounding oxidation at high temperatures during cutting, improving the cleanliness of the cutting surface and aesthetics.
Generally, the outlet pressure of PSA nitrogen generator is ≤10barg. If the capacity of nitrogen generator is excessive, or if it is filled at night by peak and valley electricity, it is more economical. It needs to store nitrogen for later use. At this time, nitrogen is generally used. The compressor is pressurized to a pressure of 200-300barg and filled into a high-pressure bottle. Generally, a high-pressure bottle can be filled with about 10 cubic meters of nitrogen.



1, Working principle: Oil-free lubrication reciprocating type compressor
2, Cooling type: Wind or water cooling
3, Power consumption: 1.5-45kw
4, RPM range: 400-800rpm
5, Capacity range: 1-2000Nm3/h
6, Inlet pressure: -0.1-20bar
7, Outlet pressure: 2-250bar
8, Compressed grade: 1-4



Cylinder filling nitrogen blast compressor with air-cooling and water-cooling cooling modes, single-acting and double-acting structure, vertical and angle type, medium and high pressure, wind brand series Oil-free lubricating nitrogen compressor with excellent performance, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, long service life, widely used in nitrogen laser cutting, nitrogen canning, chemical industry, etc.
The nitrogen compressor blast for cylinder filling is a completely oil-free nitrogen compressor, which requires the use of ordinary lubricating oil, but the nitrogen chamber is separated from the lubricating oil.

During operation, the nitrogen is always clean and oil-free, suitable for the inlet pressure 4-8BARG. Exhaust 150-350BARG, small flow demand, mainly used for nitrogen pipeline pressurization, nitrogen filled bottle storage, suitable for 24 hours continuous operation, low maintenance cost, simple operation, safe and reliable

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