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Laser Cutting PSA Nitrogen Generator Nitrogen PSA Unit 95%-99.999%

Laser Cutting PSA Nitrogen Generator Nitrogen PSA Unit 95%-99.999%

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    Laser Cutting PSA Nitrogen Generator


    nitrogen PSA unit 95%


    nitrogen PSA unit 99.999%

  • Purity
  • Power(w)
  • Technology
    PSA System
  • Product Name
    PSA Nitrogen Generator
  • Capacity
    1-3000 Nm3/h
  • Usage
  • Type
  • Name
    Nitrogen Generator
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
    cape golden
  • Certification
    CE ISO
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  • Delivery Time
    40 day
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Laser Cutting PSA Nitrogen Generator Nitrogen PSA Unit 95%-99.999%

PSA Nitrogen Generator For Laser Cutting

Production Description:

Laser cutting with nitrogen is intended for applications where oxidation is not wanted. For example, an oxide layer can cause paint to adhere less strongly on non-alloy steel. If non-alloy steel is painted after cutting, the cutting gas should be nitrogen. Weldable steel components laser cut with oxygen will not pass the bending test. Stainless steel loses its corrosion resistance when cut with oxygen, and aluminum pieces cut with oxygen have an uneven and burred cut surface.

When nitrogen is used as the cutting gas, the laser beam melts the material, and the nitrogen blows away the molten material from the cutting groove. Since no exothermic reaction takes place, the cutting speed is much slower than when cutting with oxygen. To ensure a burr-free cut edge, the laser beam must usually be focused on the bottom surface of the plate.

Usage Capacity Purity Material
nitrogen generator 5-2000Nm3/hour 95%~99.9995% Carbon steel or stainless steel
Delivert time Working Pressure Power Consumption Outlet Dew Point
40days 5~8bar 0.1kw/hour -60ºC~-45ºC

Work Principle

PSA nitrogen technology utilizes two towers which are filled with carbon molecular sieve (CMS). Compressed air enters the bottom of one tower. While the smaller oxygen molecules are adsorbed by the CMS, the larger nitrogen molecules pass through the sieve and are stored. Once the CMS of the working tower is saturated with oxygen, the regeneration of the CMS in the tower starts to work by depressurizing, and while another tower is switched to start the process over again.


Laser Cutting PSA Nitrogen Generator Nitrogen PSA Unit 95%-99.999% 0

Cape-Golden PSA Nitrogen generator
Capacity (Nm³/h) Purity(%) Model
5 95 CANL-5
99 CANP-5
99.5 CANG-5
99.9 CANH-5
99.99 CANZ-5
99.999 CANHZ-5
10 95 CANL-10
99 CANP-10
99.5 CANG-10
99.9 CANH-10
99.99 CANZ-10
99.999 CANHZ-10
20 95 CANL-20
99 CANP-20
99.5 CANG-20
99.9 CANH-20
99.99 CANZ-20
99.999 CANHZ-20
30 95 CANL-30
99 CANP-30
99.5 CANG-30
99.9 CANH-30
99.99 CANZ-30
99.999 CANHZ-30
50 95 CANL-50
99 CANP-50
99.5 CANG-50
99.9 CANH-50
99.99 CANZ-50
99.999 CANHZ-50
100 95 CANL-100
99 CANP-100
99.5 CANG-100
99.9 CANH-100
99.99 CANZ-100
99.999 CANHZ-100
200 95 CANL-200
99 CANP-200
99.5 CANG-200
99.9 CANH-200
99.99 CANZ-200
99.999 CANHZ-200
300 95 CANL-300
99 CANP-300
99.5 CANG-300
99.9 CANH-300
99.99 CANZ-300
99.999 CANHZ-300
500 95 CANL-500
99 CANP-500
99.5 CANG-500
99.9 CANH-500
99.99 CANZ-500
99.999 CANHZ-500
1000 95 CANL-1000
99 CANP-1000
99.5 CANG-51000
99.9 CANH-1000
99.99 CANZ-1000